Public Announcement - Service Outage


07 September 2021

As of Monday morning September 6, 2021 the Medicaribe.NET service started experiencing connection failures from connected clients. In cooperation with SQlapius we immediately started an investigation. While the culprit was found within a few hours, unfortunately there was no way to restore the client connections quickly. Awaiting support from OpenVPN, the supplier of the Access Server software, which forms the heart of the Medicare.NET service, our team started building an alternative VPN solution from scratch to be able to restore connectivity by alternative means. The joint team worked around the clock and managed to get the first data flowing for core services supporting COVID-19 testing, in the early morning of September 07, 2021. We will gradually restore the data exchange between General Practitioners (GPs), laboratories and hospitals using this temporary solution. Meanwhile we are still working with openVPN support to get the Access Server up and running again, so the SQlapius team can start restoring the Remote Working solution later this week.

We apologise for any convenience and thank you for your understanding.

Nubia Networks